Elan Coal

Salient Facts

Elan South will be Atrum’s initial focus at Elan. Elan South borders Riversdale Resources’ Grassy Mountain Project, which is progressing toward development. It is located in a well-developed mining region and is suitable for large-scale, low-cost mining. It has an Indicated Resource of 7Mt and Inferred Resource of 29Mt, according to an estimate completed by Tamplin Resources Pty Ltd in 2017. The estimate confirmed Elan South hosts substantial emplacements of shallow hard coking coal with an exploration target of 200Mt.

Atrum completed seven holes and seven trenches at Elan South (formerly “Grassy North”) in 2014 with outstanding results, intersecting coal seams as thick as 20m (true thickness approx. 14m). Best intercepts included:

Atrum completed field mapping and trenching at Elan South in 2017, identifying significant coal at surface, including seams of more than 14m thickness.

In 2018, Atrum will focus on extensive definition drilling, large diameter core sampling, confirmatory quality analysis, engineering design, and baseline environmental studies to proactively accommodate future mining permits.

Elan Coal Resource Target-001

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